You may find several reviews of mine on  Viator and TripAdvisor, both well known booking sites.

You may also find the handwritten reviews below of some interest – they are just a small sample of my most cherished ones:


“For Aristotle; I am glad that Plato couldn’t make it. With gratitude for your inspiration.” High praise indeed. Thank you Eric.



“Dear Aristotelis Koskinas, Thank you for sharing your passion, enthusiasm, and incredible knowledge of your country with us. Your devotion to history is inspiring and you truly contributed to our life-changing trip to your fair Greece. We wish you the best, Greek Odyssey 2009 PS. Please take this book as an example of how you showed us the error of our ways.”



“Ari: Val and I thought that you made the trip to Greece special. You’re a […] human being (person), smart, wise, passionate, caring and delightfully funny. I was sad to leave and hope that we may meet again somehow. You’re always welcome here. Warmly, Larry”



“[…] We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Your knowledge, obvious passion for the material, good humor, and excellent story-telling abilities not only made the facts and stories interesting (and helped stick it in our minds), but also enhanced the trip overall. Thanks for putting up with all our antics and pantiently persevering to make sure we truly learned […]”



“[…] Little did I know that I would not just fall in love with Greece and its sun, sea, spanakopita and seafood, but that I’d find myself caught up and head over heels in a whirlwind of history and humanity. From Byzantine basilicas to Neolithic tools, Roman funerary reliefs to agoras all across the Hellenistic world. I’ve learned to see the past, the reaches of human history and my own place within it through different eyes. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Honestly I never thought I could be so fascinated by ancient ruins. […]”


The reviews below are from an employer’s site on Trip Advisor. Details about my employer have been edited out and some texts are cropped but are otherwise unchanged. Alternative text is provided if you have difficulties reading the images, and the full originals can be accessed if you click the link on each heading:


Enormous knowledge – attentive to the needs of elderly and children


Nice sense of humor and perfect English


A great experience


He made Athens come alive



4 comments on “Reviews

  1. For the past ten years, I have taken high school students to Greece for educational tours led by Aristotelis Koskinas. He is an amazing teacher. He brings history and culture to life for the students through stories, demonstrations, and theater. His tours are engaging, funny, and thought provoking. Aristotelis is also a very kind person who is sensitive to the needs of the group. I can’t imagine a better guide.

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