How to say ‘please’ in Greek

Remember this: too many CALORIES and you may need a PARAMEDIC.

If you can remember this little mnemonic, then you’ll never forget how to say ‘please’ in Greek. It’s actually very simple. Just pronounce the first two syllables of those everyday words and you’re done.


how to say please in Greek


You can check out the difference with a Greek speaker here. You’ll notice that the accent may be a bit off, but it doesn’t really impede comprehension.

So next time you need to ask the way, remember that you’ll never need that PARAmedic if you burn off those CALOries walking around the sights of Greece.


4 comments on “How to say ‘please’ in Greek

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  2. The links never seem to get to a pronunciation of παρακαλω, let alone a native one. Are the links broken?

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