FAQ: How do I cross the street?

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First-time comers to Greece usually get disoriented when faced with the chaos of Greek streets. When not at a standstill, vehicles zoom this way and that, seemingly oblivious to traffic lanes, lights or regulations. Pedestrians walk in the road, seemingly … Continue reading


Greek traffic chaos

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. I’m borrowing a photo I saw here, which illustrates the daily traffic chaos in Greek streets better than any of mine. Chaotic streets Traffic in Greece is chaotic: drivers run red lights, make unexpected turns without signalling, squeeze their … Continue reading


Photo of the week: Jaywalking policemen

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Jaywalking in Greece is the rule rather than the exception. Sure, there’s a law that penalises it, but I’ve never heard of it enforced. If it ever were, one would have to fine the entire Greek population. In this photo, policemen … Continue reading