FAQs: How to deal with the summer heat

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With temperatures soaring above 35 °C (95 °F) I often get desperate looks and hear cries of “OMG, is it always so hot?” Yes it is, in the summer. July and August are the hottest months, although June and September … Continue reading


FAQ: How do I cross the street?

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First-time comers to Greece usually get disoriented when faced with the chaos of Greek streets. When not at a standstill, vehicles zoom this way and that, seemingly oblivious to traffic lanes, lights or regulations. Pedestrians walk in the road, seemingly … Continue reading


How to say “you’re welcome” in Greece

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Remember my last post? The one about how to say “please” in Greek? When being thanked, Greeks use the exact same word to say “you’re welcome.” They’re actually using a stub of the original response “Please, don’t mention it.” So … Continue reading


Greece is burning! Should I stay away?

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Let’s think things through for a minute First of all, Greece is not burning. Granted, lately demonstrations have become more frequent and they sometimes turn nasty, but this happens in one place only: the square in front of the parliament. … Continue reading