Columns of the temple of Zeus

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Today I’m going to show you another monument from an unusual angle: the colossal columns of the temple of Olympian Zeus (17.25m / 56.6 ft), normally tower above trees and buildings. In this picture two of them seem lost among … Continue reading


Faces of an Emperor

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Nineteen hundred years ago, a young Roman aristocrat, Publius Aelius Hadrianus, became Emperor of the Roman Empire. Heir to Emperor Trajan, he assumed the official name Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus and remained in power for the next 21 years, from … Continue reading


Olympic truce – fact or fiction?

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Olympic Games cancelled due to wars, countries barred from participating, boycotts, political protests, a terrorist attack – these are but few of the things that mar modern Olympics. Some shake their heads claiming that such things would never happen in antiquity, … Continue reading