“Tsougrisma,” a Greek Easter custom

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There is no Easter bunny hiding eggs for the Greek children to find. The eggs are in plain sight, on the table, for everyone to take. Yet, no one may eat them before “cracking” them with someone, exchanging wishes and … Continue reading


Imperial symbols and public image

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Today it is Emperor Hadrian’s birthday. Born on January 24th, 76 CE, in Italica, Spain, he would become Emperor 41 years later. Hadrian left his mark all over the Roman Empire, but he was especially partial to the Greek cities … Continue reading


Happy new year with a pomegranate

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In ancient Greece, pomegranates played a prominent part in the myth of Persephone, but were also symbols of fertility, plenty, and wealth.  In modern Greece, the pomegranate has maintained its symbolism. Custom demands that the new year begin with the … Continue reading