Everything you want to know about the Antikythera Mechanism

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On May 17th, 1902, 115 years ago, to the day, former Minister of Education, Spyridon Stais, and Curator of Antiquities, Gabriel Byzantinos, were in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, examining some nondescript fragments that had been pulled from the famous … Continue reading


The Antikythera shipwreck

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Who needs another Antikythera post? Apparently I do; I wanted one where all the information would be in one place – precise and concise, with lots of links for further reading. At about 2,000 words, it didn’t turn out as concise as I’d like, … Continue reading


Photo of the week: Aground

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Having met with disaster in the Aegean, the hulk of an old shipwreck rusts off the rocky coast of Milos, one of the Cycladic islands, the very same where Venus de Milo came from. The dazzling beauty and serenity of … Continue reading