Faces of an Emperor

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Nineteen hundred years ago, a young Roman aristocrat, Publius Aelius Hadrianus, became Emperor of the Roman Empire. Heir to Emperor Trajan, he assumed the official name Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus and remained in power for the next 21 years, from … Continue reading


The winds of the Greeks

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In my previous post, I examined the Tower of the Winds, a famous monument bearing reliefs of winged male forms, representing the winds. In turn, each wind represents the season when it is most prevalent. But when you look up, … Continue reading


Photo of the week: the Tower of the Winds

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To the north of the Acropolis, in the heart of the historic district of Plaka, is a small monument known as the “Tower of the winds,” a name appropriately given, since each side bears a relief of a winged male … Continue reading


A guided tour of Plaka

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Plaka is the name of the historic district, in the centre of Athens. Inhabited continuously since prehistoric times it contains countless monuments, spanning more than three millenia of history. Every time I have a guided tour in Plaka, I face … Continue reading