25+ centuries of history in one sweep of the eye

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Where can you find all the history of a city in a 180o panorama? Where can you see buildings spanning more than 25 centuries all within view of each other? Where can you find all that in the middle of … Continue reading


Α 71-year-old graffiti

Seventy-one years ago today, in the face of the advancing allied armies, the Germans had already begun evacuating southern Greece. Yet, on September 27th, 1944, Athens was still under occupation. It was in this occupied city that an unknown hand … Continue reading


The curse of Palmyra

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A lot has been written lately about Palmyra, after its takeover by the ISIL, especially lately, when their forces started the methodical destruction of the city’s most important monuments. The temple of Baalshamin, the temple of Bel, as well as … Continue reading