Report from the Acropolis – the new walkways

The end of October saw the beginning of the construction of new walkways on the Acropolis. The construction was purportedly prompted by the need to provide access to the monuments for people with disabilities; its completion should coincide with the … Continue reading


The temple of Nike

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Right next to the Propylaia (the gate to the Acropolis), stands the tiny temple of Athena Nike (Victory), built between 432-424 BCE. An inscription informs us that the building was designed by Callicrates, one of Parthenon’s architects. The temple was … Continue reading


Divas of the Acropolis

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The Acropolis fauna comprises many species, most notable of which are the tortoises, often making an appearance among the vegetation of its Southern slope. There are also the ubiquitus pigeons, doves and sparrows. However, a new species has come to … Continue reading