Baa, Baa, Cretan sheep

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When driving around the island of Crete, one often comes across sheep or goats grazing. One can’t help wondering what food they find on the rocky slopes of the island’s mountains. When not grazing rocks, they may use the road … Continue reading


Photo of the week: Sounion

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The Cape Cape Sounion, is the tip of a peninsula thrust into the Aegean, only 60-90 minutes’ drive from Athens. It is right in the middle of all those trade routes connecting the two sides of the Aegean Sea and … Continue reading


Photo of the week: Golden Mycenai

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Treasure and in particular gold has always been the ultimate archaeological find in popular fiction.  In reality, archaeologists are happier to find more mundane things, which will give them insight in what their lives were like, such as what people … Continue reading