The sinews of victory

This very difficult year, we ought to be celebrating 2.5 millennia since the battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. Since celebrations are out of the question, due to the pandemic, allow me to honor the anniversary with a series of posts … Continue reading


Off the beaten path, under snow

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Snow has the power to transform; under its blanket even the ugliest urban landscape may appear magical and fairy-tale like. This of course applies even more when snow covers archaeological sites. These past few days, Greece experienced rare plummeting temperatures … Continue reading



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The Pnyx is a rocky hill to the west of the Acropolis. Both hills belong to the same group of rocky outcrops in the heart of modern Athens. Its fame is due to the fact that here was the place … Continue reading


Open tour: Philopappou hill

To the west of the Acropolis lie monuments that are rarely visited by tourists. With the exception of the very visible monument of Philopappos, on top of the hill of the same name, there are many other archaeological treasures in … Continue reading