Flowers of Crete

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The island of Crete is in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Given its position and geography (high mountains, craggy canyons) it is no surprise that it has a very rich and varied ecosystem. It is estimated that the island … Continue reading


Photo of the week: the Greek War of Independence

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Today’s picture is in honor of the Greek War of Independence, celebrated throughout Greece on March 25th. The picture belongs to a series of paintings (and other works of art) inspired by the war, which broke out in 1821. More … Continue reading


The Parthenon was NOT destroyed by cannon fire

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The Parthenon was destroyed by a Venetian bomb, on the night between the 26th and 27th of September 1687 (for the background story see an older post). People often think that the bomb which blew up the Parthenon in 1687 was … Continue reading


The destruction of the Parthenon

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Over the next three days (October 11th-14th), visitors to Athens will enjoy several cultural events centred on the theme of fire. I decided to join in, by adding my own story of fire. This story took place more than three … Continue reading