Fasting the Greek way

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Lent has begun for the Greeks, according to the calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church. Lasting 7 full weeks, without a break, it is by far the longest and strictest fasting period of the Orthodox calendar. Yet, despite the strictness … Continue reading


Clean Monday: celebrating the beginning of Lent

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Clean Monday, celebrated a few days ago throughout Greece, marks the beginning of Lent, a 7-week-long period of strict fasting. One might expect Greeks to approach the daunting prospect of 49 days of abstinence from their favorite delicacies with regret, … Continue reading


The holiday of the Assumption in Greece

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Anyone who’s in Greece on August 15th can’t possibly miss the countless festivals celebrating the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Assumption or Dormition? The Orthodox do not call it Assumption. To them it is Virgin Mary’s Dormition, a word which means falling asleep, and … Continue reading