Suffer, the little children…

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On the night Troy was sacked, Neoptolemus, son of Achilles, ran into Andromache. The widow of his father’s most bitter foe (Hector) was running for her life, with baby Astyanax in her arms. Snatching the infant, Neoptolemus killed it savagely, … Continue reading


Everything you want to know about the Antikythera Mechanism

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On May 17th, 1902, 115 years ago, to the day, former Minister of Education, Spyridon Stais, and Curator of Antiquities, Gabriel Byzantinos, were in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, examining some nondescript fragments that had been pulled from the famous … Continue reading


Olympic truce – fact or fiction?

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Olympic Games cancelled due to wars, countries barred from participating, boycotts, political protests, a terrorist attack – these are but few of the things that mar modern Olympics. Some shake their heads claiming that such things would never happen in antiquity, … Continue reading


Photo of the week: sparrows nesting in a pillar’s capital

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A couple of sparrows had the pluck to make a nest into the most unlikely of places: the decorative spirals of a capital (ie. head of a column or pillar). You can see the male on the lookout (top right, … Continue reading