The Tholos of Olympia

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Continuing our digital covid-19 journey, today we’ll visit Olympia, to see the Tholos (round building) built there by Philip II of Macedon. Philip II and the Olympic games  In the 356 Olympic Games, the king of Macedon, Philip II, took … Continue reading


Please let me grow old with him; the desperate plea of a lover from the 4th century BCE

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Some 24 centuries ago, a woman probably named Phila, was in love with a man named Dionysophon. We don’t know whether the man reciprocated or encouraged her love in any way; we don’t know whether he made promises he didn’t … Continue reading


A speaking roof tile

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I have been studying (or trying to) ancient roof tiles for the past 20 years and, despite what many say, I find them fascinating.  But I’ve never come across a roof tile that tells a story quite like this one. … Continue reading