Report from the Acropolis – the new walkways

The end of October saw the beginning of the construction of new walkways on the Acropolis. The construction was purportedly prompted by the need to provide access to the monuments for people with disabilities; its completion should coincide with the … Continue reading


FAQ: Acropolis, Parthenon, what’s the difference?

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The Acropolis is a rocky hill in the middle of Athens.  The Parthenon is the most famous monument on top of that rock. The name Acropolis derives from the Greek words AKRO (meaning peak, top) and POLIS (meaning city). Acropolis therefore means … Continue reading


Far from the madding crowd…

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I wasn’t working this Sunday. How did I spend my day off? I went up to the Acropolis as I do almost every day, only this time it was early and I was alone. The Acropolis I found was different … Continue reading