The Acropolis opens its gates again

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Today is a historic day: after two months of lockdown, Greek archaeological sites are open again. So, our virtual journey will take us to the Acropolis, on its first day after the lockdown.   In these two months, Greece managed … Continue reading


Corinthian style: the truth

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Today, our virtual journey will take us back to Athens to explore the true roots of the “Corinthian” order. I’m putting the term in brackets, because Vitruvius may have said that the Corinthian order was invented in Corinth, but as … Continue reading


Divas of the Acropolis

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The Acropolis fauna comprises many species, most notable of which are the tortoises, often making an appearance among the vegetation of its Southern slope. There are also the ubiquitus pigeons, doves and sparrows. However, a new species has come to … Continue reading


Caryatids at sunset

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The original Caryatids have withdrawn to the safety of the Acropolis Museum. It is their modern avatars, still graceful, despite the ravages of time, that now hold up the roof of the southern porch of the Erechtheion. One of them … Continue reading


Photo of the week: the Acropolis above the city

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Under the shadow of the Acropolis, modern Atnens buzzes with activity. No matter what people do, the ancient rock is always there, visible around every other corner, the hub around everything revolves. The city still lives very much under the … Continue reading