A peaceful battlefield: the stadium of Olympia

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Today, our virtual journey will take us once again to the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia, this time to see its stadium, where the famous Olympic Games were held. The English word “stadium” (plural stadiums or stadia) is Latin, derived … Continue reading


Spring came to Eleusis

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A short distance from Athens, Eleusis was the centre of the cult of goddess Demeter, who embodied Earth’s fertility. It was the place where the famous Eleusinian Mysteries took place. Initially it was a rite symbolising the circle of life … Continue reading


Dionysus in Delos

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Most people think that Dionysus, the god of wine, was no more than the drunken sidekick of Greek mythology. In fact, he was a rather powerful god who controlled the wild forces of nature. He did not care for the … Continue reading