Measure for Measure…

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Today, I think we should take a break from gallivanting around Greece on our digital journey, and have a break to play an easy game of arithmetic. Let us say that an ancient Greek athlete ran in all four of … Continue reading


An architectural myth

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According to Vitruvius, a Roman architect and architecture historian, what we know as the “Corinthian order” was the invention of a Greek architect called Callimachus. According to Vitruvius, after the death of a young girl in Corinth, her nurse gathered … Continue reading


Olympic truce – fact or fiction?

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Olympic Games cancelled due to wars, countries barred from participating, boycotts, political protests, a terrorist attack – these are but few of the things that mar modern Olympics. Some shake their heads claiming that such things would never happen in antiquity, … Continue reading


Photo of the week: a Jewish echo

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On the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day, today’s photos have a Jewish theme: The first shows an impost capital, decorated with menoroth (menorahs), lulav (palm fronds) and etrog (citrus fruit). The second, exhibited nearby, shows a broken Greek inscription … Continue reading


Star Wars locations in Greece

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I have to thank a guest of mine, Lexie, for coming out with the unexpected observation that sparked this post. After some island hopping, she was back in Athens to catch her flight home and we got together for a … Continue reading