The Greek Carnival

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The Greek Carnival begins today; it is a festive period of three weeks, celebrated on the cusp of winter, usually in late February or March. It is a period of fancy costumes, parties and country-wide celebrations, culminating on Clean Monday.   … Continue reading


Clean Monday: celebrating the beginning of Lent

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Clean Monday, celebrated a few days ago throughout Greece, marks the beginning of Lent, a 7-week-long period of strict fasting. One might expect Greeks to approach the daunting prospect of 49 days of abstinence from their favorite delicacies with regret, … Continue reading


Photo of the week: kites above the Acropolis

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Kites fly above the Acropolis, as crowds of Athenians swarm the hills of the city to celebrate the first day of Lent, popularly known as Clean Monday (or, incorrectly, as Ash Monday). Caught up between work and family, I completely … Continue reading