Where the Muses danced

One of the greatest poets of ancient Greece was Hesiod, who lived in the second half of the 8th century BCE. Only three of his major works survive, namely “Theogony,” “Works and Days” and the “Shield of Heracles” (although the … Continue reading


A peaceful battlefield: the stadium of Olympia

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Today, our virtual journey will take us once again to the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia, this time to see its stadium, where the famous Olympic Games were held. The English word “stadium” (plural stadiums or stadia) is Latin, derived … Continue reading


The Asklepeion of Athens

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I should have thought of it earlier. In fact it should have been one of the first stops of this “virtual journey in Greece,” if not the very first. Obviously, during a time of pandemic, it makes sense to visit … Continue reading


The Tholos of Olympia

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Continuing our digital covid-19 journey, today we’ll visit Olympia, to see the Tholos (round building) built there by Philip II of Macedon. Philip II and the Olympic games  In the 356 Olympic Games, the king of Macedon, Philip II, took … Continue reading