The Tholos of Olympia

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Continuing our digital covid-19 journey, today we’ll visit Olympia, to see the Tholos (round building) built there by Philip II of Macedon. Philip II and the Olympic games  In the 356 Olympic Games, the king of Macedon, Philip II, took … Continue reading


Photo of the week: Nemea

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The Nemean games, held every two years, were not unlike the Olympic ones. They were also centered around another temple of Zeus, in another fertile valley, the valley of Nemea. Famous for its wine since antiquity, the area is renowned … Continue reading


Holes on the Parthenon

There is so much on the Acropolis that details often get lost in the multitude of things to see. One of those details (besides my favorite ignored historic relic) is the holes on the architraves of the Parthenon (ie. the … Continue reading