This is the way …. to design helmets

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Everyone who knows me for more than 5 minutes knows I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I don’t know what gives me away; maybe it’s the nerdy t-shirts. So today, for our virtual journey, I’ll take you to a galaxy … Continue reading


Was Zeus a Sith Lord?

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Of course not; the Olympian gods and the Sith inhabit different universes. The Greeks worshipped Zeus under many appellations, each denoting a different aspect of his character. As Zeus Hypatus, he was the father of gods and men and ruler … Continue reading


New light on the nature of Zeus

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A new reading of a Greek inscription in the sanctuary of Olympia, home of the ancient Olympic Games, sheds new light on the character of the most powerful and most revered god of the Ancient Greeks. The inscription is engraved … Continue reading


Star Wars locations in Greece

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I have to thank a guest of mine, Lexie, for coming out with the unexpected observation that sparked this post. After some island hopping, she was back in Athens to catch her flight home and we got together for a … Continue reading