Dear friends,
Once again, allow me to apologise for my long absence.
I will not bother you with what happened to me in the last few months; just allow me to say that life has a way of surprising us.

I’d like to invite you to a series of lectures I’m currently preparing, which you may find if you follow this link. It’s a series of 4 lectures, exploring the major landmarks of Greek ancient history and prehistory.

The first lecture, titled “The Land of the Minotaur” will present the Minoan Civilization, from 2000 to 1450 BCE. We will examine the features of the Minoan style, by presenting its pottery, frescoes and architecture (the latter with an emphasis on the palace complexes). Through these we will try to shed some light on their culture, society and religion.

The second lecture, “Walls built by Giants” explores Mycenean Greece, a period that stretches roughly between 1500 and 1200 BCE. The Mycenean civilization was heavily influenced by the Minoan one, but maintained its own distinct character. We will present the development of the Mycenean civilization and its main features, the fortified palaces, the well-organized administration and the sophisticated art. Mention will be also made of the Trojan War and its possible relation to the Mycenean culture.

The third lecture, “The City of Athena” will make a leap through time to present Athens of the Classical Period. I will give an overview of the city’s history and culture focusing on its “Golden Age” (5th century BCE). Needless to say, the Athenian Democracy, the cultural achievements of the Athenians and the Acropolis will be discussed.

Lecture 4, “Atlantis of the Aegean,” will take us back in time, to the Island of Santorini during the Bronze Age. After presenting the island and the dynamic culture that developed on it, we will examine the city of Akrotiri, a prehistoric city with amazing art and architecture, preserved intact in the ash of a volcanic eruption.

Until my next post (which I cannot promise to make soon), please stay safe.


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