The glory of ancient Athens

Dear friends,
For starters, allow me to wish you a happy new year and apologise for disappearing for so long.
Too much claimed my time and attention, the last (but not least) of which is a series of lectures I’m currently preparing for Context Travel, which you may find if you follow this link.

View of the Agora, centre of civic life in ancient Athens, with the Acropolis looming in the background.

It’s a series of 6 lectures, during which I will present the history of Athens. The lectures will trace how the city evolved through the centuries and will explore its founding myths and legends. We will take a look at its citizens and society; we will discuss social conventions, religious practices and holidays. We will try to explain how the city gave birth to democracy, a system of government the world had never known before. We will examine how it worked and how it helped make the city one of the super powers of its time. We will not forget to take a look at the city’s monuments and discuss their significance.

Until my next post (which I cannot promise to make soon) please stay safe.


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