Podcast on archaeology and more

Hello dear readers,
You may be interested in listening to the podcast of my recent interview with Lexie Henning, in the Ozymandias Project.

Lexie and I chat about why I became an archaeologist and why I specialised in roof tiles. We discuss the importance of roof tiles in archaeology and then move on to discuss the humanities and differences between the Greek and the American system of studies. How is the crisis affecting the choices young people make about their studies? Are humanities threatened?
Then we move on to archaeology and pop culture. We talk about books (such as the Percy Jackson series), movies and games; Lexie introduces me to the concept of Archaeogaming and we go on to discuss the popular game Assassin’s Creed and the “Mythology” series of Playmobil toys. We talk about how to employ pop culture when guiding, to spark the interest of visitors to historic sites.
How are modern Greeks affected by our long heritage? Do we respect our heritage, or do we pay lip service to it, but it becomes a second consideration when “development” beckons?
Then we discuss the poem Ozymandias and the history behind it. The podcast is now available to stream
on Apple or on Spotify.


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