At the 11th hour

November 11th 1918 was the day the Great War ended. They would later call it the First World War.

It lasted for 4 long years, during which Europe was devastated, the map of the world changed and last, but not least, millions were killed or maimed for life.

Due to the disagreement of between the king and the prime minister, on which side to enter the war on, Greece entered the war rather late, in 1916, on the side of the Allies. It lost 6,000 soldiers, while another 21,000 were injured; the numbers may seem insignificant, but not if the country’s small population is taken into account.

Overshadowed by the post-war entanglement (and subsequent defeat) of Greece in Asia Minor, the day is hardly remembered in Greece. Yet, to my mind, it is a day that should be remembered not just in memory of the dead, but because only by remembering our history may we avoid repeating past mistakes.

Today’s photo is dedicated to the memory of all those who took part in that brutal war.

A Greek battalion marches under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, during the Victory Parade, in 1919.

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