New light on the nature of Zeus

A new reading of a Greek inscription in the sanctuary of Olympia, home of the ancient Olympic Games, sheds new light on the character of the most powerful and most revered god of the Ancient Greeks.


Statue base bearing inscription. Olympia, Greece, 1st century CE.

The inscription is engraved on a marble statue base which was the dedication of an Olympic champion. At the bottom of the inscription, the words ΣΙΘ ΔΙΙ ΟΛΥΜΠΙΩΙ can be clearly seen. In English, those three words mean: [to] SITH OLYMPIAN ZEUS.


According to the new interpretation, this inscription proves beyond doubt that Zeus was also worshiped as a Sith Lord.

If the interpretation is correct, it may change our perception of Zeus and of the view that the ancient Greeks had about their most powerful god.

It may also explain some features of the mythology of Zeus; for instance, it was Zeus who orchestrated the downfall of his father Cronus, as every Sith apprentice kills his master in order to ascent.

He also precipitated the end of the Golden Age by exterminating the Titans, thus ushering in a New Order. This could be in direct analogy to Order 66, with which the Jedi order was purged by Darth Sidius, aka Emperor Palpatine. 

Is it a coincidence that the main weapon of Zeus is lightning? There is no need to remind you that Force lightning is one of the main abilities that the Dark Side of the Force gives to a Sith.

Zeus often used deception to achieve his goals, which is in clear contrast to his character as god of justice and cosmic order. However, this can be easily explained if Zeus was a Sith, since deception is one of their main instruments to domination.  

Zeus was known for letting his passions guide his actions, in accordance with the creed of the Sith. He was also exceptionally vindictive, as demonstrated by the harsh punishments he meted to anyone who defied his orders, which aligns perfectly with Sith practices.

This new interpretation marks the beginning of a new approach to the study of the Greek gods.

 It may also have severe repercussions on the Canon and the Lore of Star Wars.


Bronze statue of Zeus holding a lightning. Source [1]


Disclaimer 1: Star Wars is property of Lucasfilm Ltd/Disney. No copyright infringement is intended.

Disclaimer 2: This article was written for fun; just look at the date stamp. Although all Star Wars references -obviously- do not apply, the mythological facts are correct. About the real meaning of the word “sith” on the inscription (which is not photoshopped), pease see my next post.


[1] Source of image 3: Valavanis, P., Sanctuaries and Games in Ancient Greece.




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