A paradigm of capitals

Continuing our virtual journey in Greece, we remain in the Peloponnese, to visit the sanctuary of Epidaurus, dedicated to Asclepius, the healing god.

In the 4th century BCE, the sanctuary and the city of Epidaurus embarked upon a construction programme which included temples as well as buildings necessary for the healing rituals carried out in the sanctuary.

The most outstanding of these buildings was a round one, called “tholos”, one of whose Corinthian capitals I’d like to show you today.


The capital was found during the excavation almost intact and some scholars believe it was used as a template, for the construction of the rest.

In one of my many visits there, I was lucky to see one of the new capitals being made for use in the restoration of the Tholos (more about that in my next post).

This, as well as the other monuments of Epidaurus is something worth adding to your list of Greek sights, once conditions normalize and we’re able to travel as before.

A broken capital being restored and a modern copy of it in freshly quarried marble.


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