Columns of the temple of Zeus

Today I’m going to show you another monument from an unusual angle: the colossal columns of the temple of Olympian Zeus (17.25m / 56.6 ft), normally tower above trees and buildings. In this picture two of them seem lost among the vegetation that surrounds the temple.

Columns of Olympic Zeus

Two Corinthian-order columms of the temple of Olympian Zeus as seen through the vegetation surrounding the temple.

Like a third column, a cypress rises among them, while the leaves and vines of their Corinthian-order capitals fit perfectly well with the vegetation all around. In the foreground, sentry plants (Agave Americana) raise their own columns to the sky.

As I’ve said before, time and distance pose no constraints when on a virtual tour like ours. So I think that we  might pop to Corinth tomorrow, where we’ll find a great opportunity to say a little more about the Corinthian style.

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