The temple of Nike

Right next to the Propylaia (the gate to the Acropolis), stands the tiny temple of Athena Nike (Victory), built between 432-424 BCE.

temple of Nike

The Temple of Nike, as seen from the East.

An inscription informs us that the building was designed by Callicrates, one of Parthenon’s architects.

The temple was demolished by the Ottoman rulers of the city in the 17th century CE, and its material used to reinforce one of the bastions of the Acropolis. Oddly, this use protected the members of the temple, which were discovered when the bastion was demolished, after the city’s liberation, thus allowing its restoration.

The photo I chose today shows the temple from an angle rarely seen, the eastern one. The picture was taken from the southern wing of the Propylaia, which is not open to the general public.

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