The icy footprints of Telemachus

Greece may not have hurricanes and cyclones, but Greek meteorologists have adopted the fashion of naming weather systems. Not surprisingly, they choose names from the country’s historical and mythological figures; the latest was Telemachus.

Telemachus was the son of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca and inventor of the Trojan horse. He had no memory of his father, as the latter left when the former was still an infant. Twenty years later, a plague of suitors had descended on his palace claiming his mother’s hand and hence the throne, while partying their host’s property away. Telemachus decided to travel in search of news of his father and went to the Peloponnese, where he visited two other veterans of the Trojan war, king Nestor of Pylos and king Menelaus of Sparta.

The modern Telemachus also went through the Peloponnese, leaving his traces all over the landscape. During a recent trip, I saw the frozen footprints he left in Epidaurus.


Water frozen in footprint-shaped cuttings for the support of a (missing) bronze statue. Plinth (part of the base) of a statue, unknown date, Epidaurus, Greece.

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