Dancing in Athens

This is not just another viral videoclip; it was filmed by volunteers and shows people dancing in various corners of the world, in an endeavor to convey a message of love and brotherhood.


Besides its positive message, there is another reason why I’m posting this video: nine of the short scenes that make up the video were shot in Athens, in front of known city monuments: The Academy (0:37, 2:29), the Parthenon (1:18, 1:58, 2:31, 2:58), the theatre of Herod Atticus (2:00), the old building of the Athens University (2:44, ) and the National Library (4:15).

As an Athenian, I’m naturally proud. But as an archaeologist and a guide, I know that such shots on the Acropolis are strictly forbidden, unless a special permit has been granted. I want to believe that the Acropolis dancers had such a permit; anything else would mean that the guards must have been less than vigilant.



Note: The videoclip, on music by Justin Timberlake, can be seen here. The images are just screen capture of videoclip moments. All rights belong to their authors.

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