Off the beaten path, under snow

Snow has the power to transform; under its blanket even the ugliest urban landscape may appear magical and fairy-tale like. This of course applies even more when snow covers archaeological sites.

These past few days, Greece experienced rare plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall in places where snow hadn’t been seen in years. Even the Cycladic islands were covered under a mantle of white, and waves lapped against snow-covered beaches.

So when the icy finger of winter touched Athens too, and the city woke up covered in white, I was out and about to see how the snow had transformed the antiquities. Sure, I took photos of the Acropolis and all the famous sights, but my steps took me to better loved and lesser known sites, far from the madding crowd.

At the time, I was simply enjoying the exotic look of familiar landscapes. Only when I went home and  looked at the photos I thought of comparing them with their ordinary appearance and the idea of this post was born.

So enjoy some of the lesser-known sights of Athens in both their every-day outfits and in their snowy best 😉


The “dia koilis” road, between the Hill of the Muses (Philopappou) and the Pnyx:


The Kollytos road, passing through the neighborhood of the same name:


Another view of the same road:


The so-called “Prison of Socrates:”


The sanctuary of Pan, in the ancient neighborhood of Meliti:


Foundations of houses and narrow steps carved out of the natural rock, in the same neighborhood:


Besides the mosaic, little is left from this house in the neighborhood of Kollytos:



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