Photo of the week: Marathon lake

A flock of aquatic birds in the lake of Marathon, a few kilometres outside Athens, herald the arrival of spring.

Artificially created, as a result of the building of the dam of Marathon, in 1929, the lake serves both as a water reservoir for the city of Athens and as a stopover for birds migrating to the north.


One comment on “Photo of the week: Marathon lake

  1. I’m took a class last term where a reading mentioned how the Greeks had “destroyed” historic Marathon, flooding it with an artificial lake. This was a talk in regard to the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece. People were stunned. What people in the United States don’t understand is, wherever you dig a hole in Greece or in Europe, chances are you’ll find something. There has to be a balance between modern needs and the historical record. If this is a reservoir for Athens, then it is understandable why it was needed.

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