Photos of the week: A statue in exile

Two pictures showing the original and the cast of the same statue:


Above, the cast, on the top floor of the New Acropolis Museum, overlooking the Hill of Philopappos, right next to the Acropolis (to the right, outside the picture). Around it, the Athenian landscape where it was conceived and carved. Below, the original, in a hall of the Hermitage museum.



On the left, the cast, in Athens, next to the other sculptures comprising the scene of the contest between Athena and Poseidon. On the right, the original, in Saint Petersburg, admired by the crowds but isolated from its mythical and geographical connotations.


This post was inspired by the recent loan, by the British Museum, of this Parthenon sculpture to the Hermitage.

While I am all for museums exchanging artwork and thus bringing their artefacts to even larger audiences, this loan galls me for many reasons, already discussed in my previous post.

As for the identity of the statue, identified in various articles as a representation of the river Ilissos, please see my next post.

Hermitage picture sources: here and here.

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