Photos of the week: section of the Parthenon frieze

Dear all, please forgive me for not posting for some time. With the tourist season now over, I once again have a little time in my hands and I promise to give this blog more of my attention.

For starters, let me post one of my personal favorites, the Parthenon. In this photo of the Western side, one can see a section of the frieze, showing the the riders for the Panathenaic Procession, in honor of goddess Athena. Zooming for a closer look, between the columns and the restoration scaffolding, we can see some Athenians riding calmly, while in front of them (on the left) another, with cloak flying, is trying to calm down his horse, reared on its hind legs. Notice how all riders, even their horses, differ from one another in posture, manner, clothing and features; the sculptor went into some length to portray them different from one another. This way, a scene that would otherwise be repetitive is now varied and interesting.

Parthenon frieze, W side (1)


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