Photo of the week: Mythology & graffiti

I seem to be in a graffiti mood lately. I promise to turn my attention to other matters, but not before posting this last one, of Hercules slaying the Hydra.

The execution is deliberately naif and simplistic, but I’m not posting it here for its artistic merit. I simply like the fact that the unknown teenager who probably did it chose this over other, trendier, subjects. That and the fact that the kids playing ball were shouting: “Not next to Hercules, that’s too close – go stand next to the Hydra.”

Perhaps it’s because I’m an archaeologist, but it gives me immense satisfaction to see a subject three or more millenia old still alive and relevant today.

In my next post I think I’ll be telling you about Hercules, one of my sons’ favorite heroes.

Hercules slaying the Hydra, graffiti, Athens, Greece

3 comments on “Photo of the week: Mythology & graffiti

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