Photo of the previous week: orange trees

I wish there was technology to capture smells as well as pictures.

I chose this picture, of an orange tree in full bloom, but it can’t really convey what Athens smells like the first two weeks of April.

Come April, Athens swims in a perfumed cloud of orange blossoms. With orange trees lining almost every city street, so there is no escape – you can’t help inhaling Spring at every breath. It invades your brain, driving away stress, gloom, everything. It is the kind of smell that makes people sigh, sing or have a silly look on their faces.

Of all the times of the year, I think that this is when Athens is at its best.

And if it’s so good for us ordinary folk, for the blind it is the time to visit Athens.


I think this is the first week I miss since I began my “photo of the week” tradition. I’ll make it up to you by publishing two this week: this one for the previous week and another one in a day or two.


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