Photo of the week: a partridge in Sounion

It took me a while deciding which photo to choose for posting this week. With so many sunny days, I had a lot of good ones to choose from. I finally chose to post this, of a rather bold partridge in Sounion, taking her time to pick her food right next to me and my group. Around the bird, you can see the typical soil of southern Greece: thin, stony and parched. As for the Temple of Poseidon, having already posted a photo, I chose not to this time, but you may see one here.

partridge at Sounion, Greece

For those interested in details, initially I thought this was a typical rock partridge (alectoris graeca) but, when I examined the photos closely, I realised it belongs to a very similar species (or subspecies, the jury is still out on that), called chukar or island partridge (alectoris chukar). The differences are so few, that, as I said, only by looking at the photos I could tell, so I won’t bother you with arcane details. Let’s just simply enjoy the plucky bird feeling right at home despite us towering (and loud) humans.

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