Photo of the week: butterfly on a statue

As I’ve already said, spring is in the city. As soon as flowers appear, so do the insects that feed on them. Suddenly, the city is full of bees and butterflies.

This one is resting on the arm of a 19th-century statue just outside the National Garden, across the street from the Stadium.

butterfly on woodcutter statue

The statue, often called the woodcutter, woodchopper or lumberjack (they must be joking), is an excellent and very typical sample of the neoclassic tradition. The sculptor, D. Philippotis, chose classical nudity, as if depicting a god or hero, despite the fact that the task portrayed has nothing heroic. Despite this obvious discrepancy, his work is excellent, especially on the statue’s musculature. It was ordered in the late 1800’s and put in place a long while later, in 1908.

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