Snow on the Acropolis

One of the few brave souls who defied the cold, snowy wind to go up to the Acropolis, was photographer Yannis Behrakis, whose photograph I’m posting today.

Yannis Behrakis Parthenon Snow 2013

As you can see, seeing the Acropolis was a bit of a challenge this past Tuesday. The continuous snowfall made the monuments difficult to see, while obscuring the rest of the city almost completely. I’ve worked myself on the Acropolis on such a day and it seemed like the hill floated in a sea of snow, entirely isolated from the city below. As for the rate of attrition, I will only tell you that the hardiest of my group braved the freezing winds for a maximum of 15 minutes, before giving up and declaring they’d rather see the warm and cosy interior of the nearby New Acropolis Museum.

Yannis Behrakis Tourist Acropolis snow

I could not resist posting another photo, that of a tourist doing her best despite the weather. Yes, being a tourist is tough: tourists get wet or sunburnt, freeze or have heat strokes, are delayed in airports and bus terminals and get tired and footsore. As a guide, I’ve shared all of the above with them, and then some. I’ve got about a zillion stories to tell, but perhaps some other time.

A nice winter to you all.

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