Snow in Athens

Yesterday was a rare day indeed – a day of snow.

A few flakes had the courtesy to drift this far south and excite the kids with a promise of a white city, like the ones we see on Christmas movies. Alas, the promise was never realised. My children have yet to make snowmen or throw snowballs at each other, so rare is snow in Athens.

On the rare occasions this happens, you’ll find me out with a camera, trying to snap pictures that are rarely ever seen, such as this one, taken in 2008, just before the night’s snowfall melted.

Between January and March, snow is always a possibility, but rarely a fact, especially the further south you get. If you happen to find yourself on the Acropolis or the islands on a snowy day, consider yourself lucky to see what few people have ever seen.

Update: for a photo of what it was really like yesterday, see my next post.


4 comments on “Snow in Athens

  1. I never saw snow in Athens, except when I was a kid, very very long ago : ) I hope you’ll have some snow this summer as it really transforms the city.
    That’s an incredible photo. We usually imagine ancient Greece under the sun, but to imagine these old place under the snow makes beautiful images as well.

    • I hope we don’t have ANY snow in the summer, otherwise the global climate will have gone haywire.
      If you mean winter, again I hope for no snow. In 2008 it was ok, but these past few years there are homeless in the streets while the rest can hardly afford the heating bills. I’d rather we had a nice, mild winter instead.

  2. the weather has already gone haywire..I live in the states and it is suppose to snow here in the mountains..people dont believe in global warming but like i said, snow is suppose to be on the ground in december here..all we got was rain..wake up warming is here and if we dont do something about it, worse weather will come.

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