Photo of the week: the Tholos of Delphi

Every round building in ancient Greece was called tholos. This is the tholos of Delphi, taken on a clear spring day. The columns of the temple of Apollo are clearly visible in the background.

Delphi is 3-3,5 hours’ drive from Athens, depending on traffic. It is one of the major sites in Greece, renowned in antiquity as the seat of the famous oracle of God Apollo. Donations from Greeks and foreigners from every walk of life resulted in a wealth of top-quality artifacts housed in the local museum.

Its ancient founders chose the site well; even without the antiquities, Delphi is worth visiting for its breathtaking landscape. Nestled under enormous sheer cliffs, the oracle commands stunning views all the way to the mountains of Peloponnesus, across the sea.

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