Hello world!

Aristotle-Koskinas-Athens-AgoraMy name is Aristotle (or Aristotelis in Greek). For those who ask (and I get asked all the time) it is my real name and it is not uncommon in Greece.

Growing up in a country like Greece means that one is ambushed by history in every other corner. It is probably not a coincidence that I went to college to study Archaeology as so many other young Greeks do. What one doesn’t realise at 18 is that the number of digs is limited, whereas the number of aspiring archaeologists is not. Finding employment scarce, I decided that if I could not spend my days discovering artifacts, I could spend my days around them anyway, helping others see what I love in them.That’s how I became a tourist guide, while still an archaeologist at heart.

This blog is simply an extention of what I do – my way of sharing my passion with the world. Expect to see lots of pictures of antiquities and long, “wordy” posts about them.

Thanks for dropping by.


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